About Me

I am a photographer based in Cornwall in the Southwest of England, I spend much of my time exploring the coastal paths and beaches and decided to take my camera along for the journeys capturing things i found interesting and picturesque.

I also spend as much time travelling as possible and have a good number of images available from a multitude of counties from around the world.

I use 2 different cameras to take my photos,

Firstly my Canon EOS 7D mk1 with a variety of lenses including a telephoto and a macro.

I also have a Huawei P30 Pro which despite being a mobile phone has a quite incredible Leica camera module on the back of it with some pretty impressive specs.

I hope you enjoy my photography and are enticed to purchase some from my 'Where to Buy' page or by clicking 'My Portfolio' (both located in the side menu). The website I use which is called Lens2Print is an ethical trading site for artists like myself to sell our photography via a third party and still earn the majority of the sale value. 

The quality is exceptional and because of the way the pricing works with them you will pay less than normal for the products ... win-win :)

That's about it for me, if your not already aware i keep a blog on the website that will allow you to remain #intheknow with all my travels and ramblings, if you want to check it out (you should, its quite interesting really) navigate to it via the menu, or subscribe using this handy little RSS button

If any of you lovely people are feeling very generous I do also have a donate button at the foot of every page, keeping this site running is time consuming and costs money. 

While I am starting out any small donations will be greatly appreciated!!

Any donation over £15 may just get a nice surprise ;)