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Welcome To The Blog!

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Just a quick intro into what you can expect from the blog going forward.

I will endeavor to add to this as much as possible but while i set up the site it may be slow going

So keep checking back for new updates

All posts will feature one of my images, if you would like to purchase the image then just click on the photo and you will be whisked away to the wonderful Lens2Print to order a shiny new canvas or one of the other amazing products that you can select :)

I'm hoping to use this platform to share;

Best practices (i'm still learning too..every days a school day right!)

Tutorials and Step-by-Step guides for taking certain shots and how to edit them in post-production (Photoshop, Lightroom..etc)

Updates on my travels from around the UK and further afield when i can!

Changes to the site or my portfolio both here and on Lens2Print (where you purchase my work from)

.....and of course some insane ramblings about nothing much in-particular .

So that's about it for the first post, hopefully you will check back from time to time or subscribe to the RSS feed which will allow you to keep track of the blog without even trying.. you lucky devils ;)

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