• Kris Ohlsson

Knock Knock.. Wait its you again?!

Forgive me readers, I have been caught up in this crazy new world, Its been 287 days since my last 'confession'.

First question im sure everyone has is "where the hell have you been??",

Simple answer to that one.. I've been busy neglecting my site, for example ive only just removed my Xmas decorations from the home page (guess thats some bad luck coming my way)

Can't think of anything else that's been going on in the world since my last post that warrants any mention..can you?

Ah yes there was that one thing, so Lockdowns over and we can all enjoy something of the life we had prior to *insert sad vibes here* .....moving switly on

I have managed to get out and shoot some new images recently and a few of them have made the cut to be available from the wonderful people over at they have been added to the Cornwall section of my photo album on my website (your already here .. well done you!) and can be purchased by opening the sales album in my portfolio at the above link

I forgot how oddly enjoyable writing to no one imparticular is so I think I may do a bit more of this and with much more regularity... yes yes i know, sorry again

Until next time unwaivering fans

Stay Safe and remember not to sneeze on people ... its just not polite

Kris Ohlsson


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