• Kris Ohlsson

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!


I'm sure everyone is loving the storm we are currently at the mercy of.

Hurricane Lorenzo is causing a serious amount of damage and disruption so stay safe out there.

Despite the rain i have managed to snap a few more images and have added them to the Gallery and my Portfolio over on .

I have decided to use one of the new images from my recent trips as this posts featured photo as i'm rather pleased with how it turned out and will actually be getting this printed as a canvas for myself very soon.

The weather looks set to continue if not worsen over the weekend but I have a free day on Sunday and the surf is supposed to be HUGE... at least 15-20 ft seems pretty big to me.

Before any one worries, No i'm not going to try and surf it, I will be taking some photos though just as long as our good friend Lorenzo plays nice and it doesn't chuck it down with rain for the whole day.

Stay posted for some stormy seascapes coming this way very soon!!!

I think that's about it for today's post, if I've forgotten anything then it will be added onto the Facebook Page so if you have found me from somewhere else (well done you) and you don't yet follow me on there yet then please head on over and give me the biggest thumbs up you can.

From the deepest depths of not so sunny Cornwall...Over and out



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